'Dark Nights: Metal' Has Major Impact on Tom King's 'Batman' Moving Forward

The Batman-centric comics event Dark Nights: Metal rocked the DC Comics universe to its core, [...]

The Batman-centric comics event Dark Nights: Metal rocked the DC Comics universe to its core, cracking open the multiverse and creating a new paradigm for the Justice League moving forward.

While the events of Metal and its followup, No Justice, have had an impact on many of DC's main titles moving forward, one series has remained surprisingly unaffected: the main Batman comic book.

Series writer Tom King promised that will change moving forward, and that the events of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's epic miniseries will have a major influence on future stories in the pages of Batman.

"In my mind, unofficially, I put [Metal, No Justice, and Justice League] between 49 and 50. [Scott Snyder's] epic Metal in particular has a huge role to play in Batman going forward," King wrote in response to a fan question.

This makes sense considering the amount of personal issues Batman has had lately. His solo series has largely been a personal tale as he and Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman attempt their own unique brand of domestic life, leading to their nuptials, and eventually breaking up at the altar. The wedding was supposed to take place in Batman #50, but some careful manipulation from Bane by way of Catwoman's friend Holly Robinson stopped those vows from being said.

But now, Batman is diving headfirst back into his crime-fighting career, as he does after every tragedy he experiences. This one was much more emotional than a simple back-breaking or time-traveling incident.

It remains to be seen how Metal will play a tie into what King has going, where Batman is dealing with the fallout of Catwoman's decision, causing his allies like Nightwing to worry. Plus there's the whole trial of Mister Freeze coming up, which figures to play a major role in his the comic.

We'll find out more as Batman continues Tom King's epic run on the title.