Batman Fans are Debating the Importance of Great Eyebrows in Playing the Role

The question of whether or not Ben Affleck would be returning to the DC Extended Universe as [...]

The question of whether or not Ben Affleck would be returning to the DC Extended Universe as Batman has been on everyone's mind for a while. Yesterday, the actor basically confirmed that he was stepping down from the iconic role. This leaves fans of the franchise with a very important question: Who should play Batman next?

Well, one Twitter user, author G. Willow Wilson, has a theory on what makes a good Batman. You might think it's the ability to brood or talk in a raspy voice, but it's actually much simpler: eyebrows.

"During our highly scientific discussion of possible future Batmen last night, I came to a realization: eyebrows. All successful Batmen have had profound eyebrow game. The unsuccessful ones? Mediocre eyebrows," she wrote.

The theory doesn't end there. Wilson provides lots of images and gifs to back up her theory, and whether or not you think it's sound, there's no deny it's a fun Internet journey.

"Observe: Michael Keaton. His face is like 90% eyebrow," she shares.

"Christian Bale? Broody Welshman eyebrows," she adds.

"Ben Affleck? Now I love Ben Affleck, don't get me wrong. But the man's eyebrows are practically an afterthought," she wrote.

Some people were quick to find holes in the theory. For example, George Clooney is considered one of the lesser Batmen after portraying him in Batman and Robin, but the actor has a fierce eyebrow game.

"Seriously, I was just thinking 'But Clooney has glorious eyebrows and his Batman game was meh!,'" replied @plees13.

One person asked where Adam West stood in this eyebrow ranking, and Wilson was quick with a response.

"I happen to know that they gave him bigger eyebrows with makeup. I have even heard there was mascara involved," she wrote.

From there, many people chimed in with their suggestions on who should play Batman based on the eyebrow theory. Here are some of more realistic ideas:

Could you see Oscar Isaac, Lee Pace, Jon Hamm, or John Cho in the role? Tell us in the comments!

Some commenters even threw a couple ladies in the mix:

Janelle Monáe or Emilia Clark as Batman? Yes, please.

Finally, there were some hilarious joke responses that are delightfully ridiculous.

Do you think eyebrows are an important factor when it comes to casting the next Batman? Either way, who would be your vote to take on the role? The comments are wide open!

The Batman will be landing in theaters on June 25, 2021.


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