'The Batman': Ben Affleck Again Rumored to Be Finished With DCEU

The will he/won't he saga of Ben Affleck's Batman return seems to be coming to a close, with most [...]

The will he/won't he saga of Ben Affleck's Batman return seems to be coming to a close, with most people already assuming that the role will be recast with a younger actor when Matt Reeves' The Batman heads into production. This week, yet another rumor suggesting Affleck's DC exit has started making its rounds online.

This latest nail in the Batfleck coffin comes from Forbes contributor Mark Hughes, who has been known to have an inside track to DC movie news. Hughes has said before, in articles and otherwise, that he believes Affleck is out as Batman, but a couple of recent tweets cast even more doubt on the actor's future with the franchise.

After tweeting about a Batman casting story he was working, Hughes began fielding questions from his followers, who wanted to know if Affleck was really done for good.

"He's not Batman in this movie," Hughes explained. "As of now, there are no plans to involve Affleck, and the situation behind the scenes is that he's been arranging his exit from the DCEU for months. I know fans hate to hear this, but it's time to prepare yourselves for Batman without Affleck."

Another fan responded to Hughes, asking if this was his "official" word that Affleck was hanging up his cape and cowl going forward.

"I can't 'officially' declare anything since I'm not at WB," he responded. "But we've all known this was coming and have been saying it for months, it's not really new. I ran an article on it a couple of months ago."

In addition to that article, Hughes published a new piece on Forbes this week in which he talked about the actors he'd like to see take on the role of Bruce Wayne after Affleck exits. In the article, Hughes made clear that he doesn't believe Batfleck will return in any future DC movies, not just in The Batman.

By all accounts, it seems that Ben Affleck's reign as Batman has come to an end, and the search for a new Dark Knight will soon begin.

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