Batman v Superman BTS Photo Shows Off Ben Affleck's Mech Suit

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice fans just got a new look at Ben Affleck's mech suit from behind-the-scenes photos. Jose Fernandez shared the pictures of the tech suit that proved so popular with people ahead of the blockbuster film. Even with Matt Reeves' The Batman firmly underway, some fans still wish that Affleck could return as The Dark Knight. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem like its going to be in the cards, but there is still so much information trickling out about Zack Snyder's plans for the DCEU before he left the project. Between the Snyder Cut fascination, and other concept art popping up every week, it's not hard to see why so many fans haven't given up hope of revisiting that world.

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The former Batman recently admitted that he didn't realize how iconic Batman was to GQ. They were discussing his career and what drove him to the part. Affleck made it pretty clear that once he was in the role of Bruce Wayne, it made way more sense to him.

"I don't think I even realized how iconic the character was until I took the job, and then that was a big story," Affleck told the magazine. "And it happened at the time when the internet was expanding into the movie business into kind of a different way... the fan sites and the relationships with the fans, and the studios, and the comic book creators and stuff was changing and evolving."

Snyder and the star really crafted a version of Bruce Wayne that fans enjoyed a great deal. Unfortunately, it looks like that relationship has run its course in this version of the DCEU, but it is still remarkable to look back on some of the bold direction that they managed to take the character in.


"Zack told me he basically wanted to do the tone of The Dark Knight Frank Miller series. Where he's older, he's kind of broken down and more vulnerable and I thought that was a really interesting approach to Batman," he remembered. "As a guy who is vulnerable, as a guy who aches when he gets up in the morning, as a guy who feels a lot of psychological torment, I thought was a really interesting approach to playing a hero and that is what we wanted to do."