Batman's Batmobile has Been Made Into a Transformer

Batman’s Batmobile has been made into a Transformer by one skilled fan. Uncle Liang is known as The Recycle Modeller and he decided that the world needed to see what the iconic vehicle would look like as a robot. He’s undertaken a ton of projects in the past and documented his work on Facebook. But, the YouTube video above really highlights what goes into making a figure like this be able to transform. Transformers fans and Batman fans are some of the most vocal fanbases on the Internet and you would have to think that both were pretty pleased with the outcome.

In the static state of the car, things look like the version from the 1989 Batman. That one is beloved by a ton of fans for obvious reasons. The throwback inspiration comes through clear as day with all of the geometric design in this rendition. The turbine kind of hammers home that this isn’t your standard car. Meanwhile, the cockpit gives the entire enterprise an even more technologically advanced feel than something like the Batman ’66 version. (That one is rad too!) Even with all that tech, nobody could have dreamed that it would be able to transform into a robot.

All this Batmobile talk had been going strong this year as Matt Reeves begins to mold his upcoming movie The Batman. Its version of the iconic vehicle goes more toward muscle cars. But,’s Kofi Outlaw thinks that there might be a specific reference point for the Batmobile this time around. He argues it could be a nod to Batman The New Adventures #408 where Jason Todd appears for the first time. (The future Robin tries stealing tires off Batman’s ride in that one!):


“Jason Todd's origin is not the only time this comic book version of the Batmobile was around; it was pretty much the design of the Batmobile throughout the '80s, aside from variants like Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns tank, or the Batman '89 movie design that would influence the look forever thereafter,” Outlaw said. “Still, it's hard not to think that The Batman director Matt Reeves was totally unaware of the association between Jason Todd's origin and the design of The Batman's new Batmobile. At this point there's no reason to assume there are any plans for The Batman to fit into a larger DC Movie franchise; ergo, no reason to think this Batmobile Easter egg could lead to a live-action movie debut of Jason Todd. Still, it's pretty cool to think that the new Batmobile isn't straying too far from the source material.”

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