Batwoman Star Camrus Johnson Shares Video of Season 3 Batwing Training

Batwoman's second season came to a close late last month, but fans are already eager to see [...]

Batwoman's second season came to a close late last month, but fans are already eager to see exactly what the future of the series holds. One of the biggest bombshells of the Season 2 finale was the debut of Batwing, the costumed persona of Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson). Now that Batwing has an epic new costume and is confirmed to be working alongside Ryan Wilder/Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) in Season 3, fans have been excited to see what the future holds for the character. Johnson recently provided fans with a new behind-the-scenes look at what that will entail, taking to Instagram to post a video montage of himself training for Season 3.

Originally created by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham, the Batwing mantle was first held in the comics by David Zavimbe, who operated as the "Batman of Africa" within the Democratic Republic of Congo. After David retired from the role for personal reasons, Luke was offered the mantle, and operated as Batwing both in Africa and Gotham City. Batwoman's Season 2 finale took a unique approach to that origin, confirming that Lucius Fox created the Batwing suit for Luke prior to his death, and based it off of his son's childhood designs for a Black Batman.

"I've been looking forward to seeing Batwing since we decided to make Luke Fox a fundamental part of our Bat Team way back in the pilot development stages," Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries said in a statement when Batwing was first confirmed. "I can speak for Cam when I say, So has he! But this character couldn't come out of nowhere. We built this character from a deeply personal and complicated Luke story that we began setting up in season one, and I look forward to unfolding it over the course of season three."

"Honestly, it's hard to explain how much it means to me to wear the Batwing suit and officially play my first superhero," Johnson added. "The main reason I wanted to be in Batwoman was for this opportunity - to give kids like me another black hero to look up to and relate to. It's hard not to smile when I catch myself in the mirror with the bat symbol on my chest, and I'll keep smiling through every fight scene, every awesome stunt, and every Gotham night where Batwing is finally in the field!"

Batwoman will return with new episodes on Wednesday, October 13th at 9/8c on The CW.