Batwoman: Dougray Scott Explains Why Jacob Kane Doesn't Trust Gotham's Vigilante Hero

On The CW's Batwoman, Dougray Scott plays Jacob Kane, Kate Kane's (Ruby Rose) father and commander of Gotham City's private security agency, the Crows. It's a role that frequently puts Jacob at odds with his daughter though he doesn't realize it as Kate is Gotham's newest protector, Batwoman. While both Jacob and Batwoman both have the same general goal -- protecting the people of Gotham -- Jacob doesn't trust the caped vigilante and in a new interview with Collider, Scott explains that Jacob thinks he's the only one who can truly protect the city.

In the interview, Scott said that Jacob's "alpha male" dynamic is part of what makes playing the character interesting.

"It's interesting to play someone like Jacob because he's an alpha male who's in control of his family, or he wants to be in control of his family, and he also thinks he should be in control of Gotham City because he can protect them and that he's the only one that they can trust," Scott said. "He doens't trust Batwoman. He hates Batwoman, in the same way that he hated Batman. He sees the Crows as being the only trustworthy and honorable group of people who can offer protection to Gotham City because the police force just isn't strong enough and has been overtaken by corruption in the past years."

"He feels he's the only person who can protect the city," Scott continued. "So, you have that side of it, and then you have the relationship with his daughter and how that manifests and changes, over the course of the season. He's a fascinating character to get to play because you have the dad, but you also have the commander, who's very militaristic. He's a product of his upbringing. He's great fun to play."

Of course, Jacob's dad goes further than just Kate. He's also the father of Beth Kane who he believed to be dead only to discover that the deadly Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is in fact, a very alive and demented Beth. Recent episodes of Batwoman saw Jacob framed for murder by Alice and, then, after he was cleared of the crime, working with Kate to lock Alice in Arkham Asylum. The betrayal and subsequent lockup is something that will present new challenges for the Kane family -- particularly for Alice.


"Alice finds herself in a very different environment going forward," Skarsten recently told "She finds herself some new enemies and some new allies. I had a particularly fun time filming her interactions with some new characters in this new environment. You see this more playful side of Alice, outside of her interactions with her family only. That was really fun for me to do. Then, from there, we're going to see Alice start to get really dark. That's just about all I can tease, but hopefully, that's enough."

Fans will get to see how things play out for Jacob as well as Alice and Kate when Batwoman returns on Sunday, April 26th.