Batwoman Premiere Ratings Bode Well for Arrowverse's Newest Series

When it comes to the Arrowverse, fans are always eager to see how the franchise's many shows are faring. All eyes are on the DC Universe as the fall season kicks into gear, and Batwoman is the first show to go up to bat. The much-awaited series debuted to rave reviews yesterday night, and it turns out fans turned out in force to support Kate Kane.

Thanks to a brand-new report, fans know how the Batwoman premiere fared in ratings. TV Line reports the The CW series debuted to 1.8 million total viewers on a Sunday night with a 0.5 rating. These numbers are up 20% from Supergirl's last season premiere, so the latest Arrowverse heroine is keeping conversation up amongst fans.

Currently, the site reports that viewers gave the show an average score of B- following the premiere. However, a whopping 77% reported they would stick with as Batwoman moves forward. The staff at gave Batwoman a similar rating with writer Nicole Drum sharing on Twitter, "It's time for Batwoman ! I have been waiting for this FOREVER. I am so freaking pumped to see one of my favorite characters in live-action."

With Batwoman running about Gotham, it is nigh time for the rest of the Arrowverse to return. This fall will mark the premiere of Arrow's final season, and it will be joined by the return of Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. Barring Black Lightning, the Arrowverse will team up later this year in a mind-blowing crossover special as always, and Batwoman star Ruby Rose is happy to help with the event. Earlier this year, the actress almost had to bid the role farewell after sustaining an on-set injury which required her to undergo emergency surgery. Now, the actress is back in action, and fans are excited to see what's in store for Batwoman as her debut season carries on.


Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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