Batwoman Recap: Everything You Missed in "Rebirth"

We're getting close to the end of Batwoman's sophomore season, and it's safe to say that the [...]

We're getting close to the end of Batwoman's sophomore season, and it's safe to say that the series has a lot of ground to cover in its remaining episodes. After dealing with the shooting of Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), which left him briefly clinging to life in a coma, we now know that he will be gearing up to become Batwing, his costumed counterpart from the comics. With that detail — and the first look at his costume — already in the back of fans' minds, there's been a lot of curiosity about how that will come to light, especially amid Arrow's John Diggle (David Ramsey) making an appearance. If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Rebirth." Obviously, spoilers for Season 2, Episode 16 of Batwoman, "Rebirth", below! Only look if you want to know!


A masked woman with two swords attacks a businessman, and escapes before Batwoman can stop her. When Batwoman calls in to the Batcave, Luke doesn't answer, and she finds him sitting on the ledge of Wayne Enterprises. Luke suggests that he needs time to himself, and Ryan respects that, but offers her help if he needs it.

Later, Batwoman discovers that the masked woman is Tatiana. Ryan and Mary discover that one of Tatiana's victims was the man who Circe attacked, leading to her going to Arkham.

Tavaroff is released on bond. Luke goes undercover at a bar for law enforcement, where he confronts Tavaroff and challenges him to a poker match. Ryan arrives to check in on Luke, who reveals that he didn't want to wake up from his coma. Luke — and John Diggle, who is in town on a contract from ARGUS — play poker against Tavaroff, and Luke wins. Outside of the bar, Tavaroff starts a fight with Luke, but Diggle steps in and protects Luke.

Sionis is unhappy with Jacob Kane's status in Gotham, in part because he blames him for killing Circe. Sionis meets with Safiyah, who had provided him the information to crash Kate's plane. Sionis also reveals that he's planning to reintroduce Circe into society — including making her the face of "Rebirth", Janus Cosmetics' new line. Safiyah tells Sionis about Alice's connection to the Kanes. Meanwhile, Alice and Jacob kidnap Circe, and a DNA test reveals that she really is Kate. Ocean brings them a bag of Kate's belongings to help trigger her memory. Circe doesn't budge, until Alice offers her a mug she made her when Kate tried to come out to her as a child. That triggers Circe into picturing young Kate locked in the same bunker Alice was in.

Jacob calls Mary on the phone and tells her about Circe being Kate, just as Tatiana and members of False Face show up and kidnap Jacob. Batwoman drives the Batmobile to where the Kanes are, and finds Circe, who escaped. Sionis threatens to publicly expose the fact that Beth is Alice, and has GCPD officers arrest him.

Ryan brings Circe to Wayne Enterprises, where she doesn't recognize Mary. Sophie shows up — and they instantly recognize each other. Circe is triggered into another vision, of young Kate being attacked by Circe in the bunker. Circe attacks Mary, who knocks her out with a sedative. They realize that Alice is essential in unlocking Kate's memories from Circe, and that they might need to trade Safiyah the Desert Rose to get her.

Later, Diggle recognizes him as Lucius Fox's son, and they bond about their dead fathers. Diggle suggests that Luke try to become his own hero, and reveals he's in Gotham because he has a medical appointment to figure out his headaches. They both see the Batsignal being lit in morse code, asking for Luke to come help Batwoman. Luke returns to the Batcave, and Ryan and Mary reveal to him that Circe is Kate.

Sionis publicly reveals that Alice is Beth, and Jacob is confronted about it on the news, but he takes it in stride. Alice watches the news report while being held hostage by Safiyah and Tatiana. Safiyah confronts Alice for destroying Coryana, and accuses her of being spoiled. Batwoman arrives with the Desert Rose in exchange for Alice's safety, and Safiyah accepts. As they're about to leave, Alice brings up Ocean, and Safiyah hints that he is being threatened. Alice leaves Batwoman and goes to the sewers, where she finds Tatiana preparing to kill Ocean. She kills Tatiana — and finds Ocean dead soon after.

Sophie watches over Circe in Mary and Ryan's apartment, as she begins to battle the Circe and Kate sides of her. When Sophie leaves the room, Circe is kidnapped again and brought back to Sionis and Safiyah.

Jacob calls Mary from prison, where he reveals he's being transferred to a prison in Metropolis. He asks Mary to help save both Alice and Circe, and argues that there's a way for them to be Beth and Kate again.

Ryan tells Luke that she doesn't regret saving his life.

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