Batwoman Recap: Everything You Missed in Season 3 Premiere

After just a few short months off of the air, Batwoman is back for a new season, and it definitely seems like it isn't pulling any punches. It's been well-documented that the third season of the hit The CW series will deal with the fallout of the Batman villain trophies being unleashed on Gotham City — and with this week's premiere episode, we got an indication of what that would entail. If you need to catch up on the most essential details and storylines from Batwoman's latest episode, we're here to help. Here are the biggest reveals and Easter eggs from "Mad as a Hatter" Obviously, spoilers for Season 3, Episode 1 of Batwoman, "Mad as a Hatter", below! Only look if you want to know!


Ryan and Luke go out in the field together to locate the missing Poison Ivy sprig, and debate about what Luke's code name should be. They successfully obtain the spring and lock it away, but Luke briefly gets a malfunction in his suit.

Mary visits Alice in prison, after being told by Jacob to check on her. Alice is optimistic that Jacob will use his connections to get her out of prison, as they've been writing each other letters. Later, Mary invites Luke, Ryan, and Sophie to her graduation from med school, but feels sad that her family isn't able to attend.

Mad Hatter's mind-control hat gets sold online to a man who is obsessed with Alice, and who is launching a campaign to get her out of prison. The man wears the hat and a costume while filming a vlog in public, and ends up using the mind-control abilities to cause a man to kill his friend. The crime catches the attention of Renee Montoya, a GCPD agent who begins to investigate it, despite being regulated to a desk job. Renee confronts the mayor to ask for more funding to investigate the Batman trophies.

The Bat Team investigate the Mad Hatter copycat, which was created by disgruntled neuroscientist Jervis Tetch, and eventually disabled by Batman. Ryan visits Alice in prison and asks about the copycat, and she suggests that he's going to try to throw a tea party, similar to the one she gave that killed Catherine. Mad Hatter confronts Mary at her graduation, mind controls her into giving a controversial, pro-Alice speech, and then orchestrates a demonstration where Mary is forced to slowly kill Dr. Hall, the chair of her department who was responsible for Alice's psychological evaluation. The Bat Team decides that the only way to convince Mad Hatter to undo his mind control is to break Alice out of Arkham. Batwoman breaks Alice out, while Luke suits up and uses the cell towers to orchestrate an auditory antidote to the frequency of the Mad Hatter hat. Batwoman helps Alice realize that she's been hallucinating the messages from Jacob, and he's not coming to save her, which makes her agree to help.

Mad Hatter turns off the electricity, and Ryan shows up just in time to save Luke from his suit malfunctioning again. Sophie helps Mary undo the mind control on herself, by using a defibrillator to cause cardiac arrest in Dr. Hall, and then bring him back to life. Meanwhile, Alice confronts Mad Hatter, who reveals his vendetta towards doctors because they've called him crazy. Mad Hatter then uses the mind control hat on Alice, but she kills him. Afterwards, Ryan has Alice taken back to Arkham.

Later, Mary performs her actual speech to Ryan, Luke, and Sophie. Ryan also comes up with a superhero name for Luke — Batwing. Luke discovers that the suit has AI from Lucius. Kate sends Mary an embroidered doctor's coat.

Ryan brushes off questions from Mary about her birth mother, something that Alice confronts her about when she visits her in prison. Ryan tells Sophie about the possibility that her family is alive, and Sophie offers to investigate. She discovers that the doctor on Ryan's birth certificate and her mom's death certificate was a fraud, and that her real mother paid $2 million to cover up her birth. Sophie gives Ryan the documents that can reveal the name of her birth mother, but Ryan decides not to open it. 

Jada Jet arrives in Gotham, and learns that Sophie investigated her.

Renee works with Alice to come up with a list of the Batman villain trophies, and orchestrates a plan for Alice and Batwoman to work together to retrieve the trophies. Renee reveals that Alice told her Ryan is Batwoman, which she uses a leverage to get her to agree to the plan.

Batwoman airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.