'Birds Of Prey': DC Fan Creates Black Mask Teaser Poster

The Birds of Prey will be facing off against Black Mask in the upcoming film, and one DC fan decided to give the DC villain the poster treatment.

Birds of Prey is currently filming and is already becoming one of the more anticipated movies in DC and WB's stable. Black Mask will be brought to life by Ewan McGregor, and while we don't have an official poster featuring him just yet, William Gray decided to feature that trademark mask of his in a poster.

The poster features his black skull mask sitting on the ground and it looks stained with blood that is also pooling on the ground underneath it. Now, whether that's his blood or someone else's remains to be seen, but since Black Mask is not known for his patience with people, we're betting it's not his.

You can check out the poster above, and you can find more of William Gray's art on Instagram.

"Quick concept of a teaser poster for Black Mask in Birds of Prey - Done in Photoshop"

The film will have Harley at the center of the Birds of Prey team from the comics. In the books they are led by Batgirl, who also has her own movie in early development at Warner Bros. Here Quinn will be the center of the team alongside Huntress and Black Canary, and they will face off against villains like Black Mask (McGregor) and Victor Zsaz (Chris Messina), though Black Mask looks to be the main villain.

Black Mask, real name Roman Sionis, is often portrayed as a vicious crimelord who delights in torturing victims as he puts a stranglehold on Gotham City's underworld. He's succeeded in that goal on multiple occasions, and we can't wait to see what McGregor does with the part.

Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) hits theaters on February 7th, 2020.



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