DC's Blue Beetle Movie Reportedly Headed to HBO Max

The tapestry of the DC Films universe feels like it is changing on a daily basis, with an [...]

The tapestry of the DC Films universe feels like it is changing on a daily basis, with an ever-growing number of characters being brought into live-action. Among them is Blue Beetle, a long-rumored film that would bring the story of fan-favorite character Jaime Reyes to life. The project recently got some major updates — including a director — and a new update seems to indicate how the project. could end up being released. The Los Angeles Times recently published a report about WarnerMedia's movie strategy, particularly amid the company's upcoming merger with Discovery. Part of the report dives into film that are being made exclusively for HBO Max — and lists both Blue Beetle and Batgirl among them.

While previous reporting had confirmed that some DC films were headed to HBO Max, particularly Batgirl and Static Shock, this is the first confirmation that Blue Beetle could join that roster. This might disappoint fans who are eager to see Jaime Reyes' story on the big screen, although there is always a chance that the HBO Max exclusives could get some form of limited theatrical release down the line.

Blue Beetle will be directed by Charm City Kings' Angel Manuel Soto, and written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. The film would follow Jaime, the third character to take on the role of Blue Beetle following the death of Ted Kord.

Created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hammer, Jaime's tenure significantly changed the Blue Beetle lore, revealing that the Egyptian scarab that gives the hero powers is actually alien in origin, and provided a sort of extraterrestrial suit of armor. Eventually, Jaime would go on to serve as a member of the Justice League, Justice League International, Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Secret Six.

This wouldn't be the first time that the character appeared in live-action, as he previously was portrayed by Jaren Brandt Bartlett on Smallville. The character has appeared multiple times across animation.

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