Batgirl and Static Shock Reportedly HBO Max Exclusives

The DC Films universe has gone through quite a few different evolutions over the years, as Warner [...]

The DC Films universe has gone through quite a few different evolutions over the years, as Warner Bros. has worked to bring a slew of beloved DC Comics characters onto the big screen. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic shifting elements of the franchise's schedule, there are still quite a lot of new films either on the schedule or in the pipeline -- and it sounds like DC Films could soon be expanding how they release them. A recent article from The New York Times profiles DC Films president Walter Hamada, and previews what the company's strategy could look like following the hybrid theatrical and HBO Max release of Wonder Woman 1984. Part of the article outlines that DC Films plans to release two films a year exclusively on HBO Max, with the article hinting that it could perhaps be films that are "focused on riskier characters like Batgirl and Static Shock."

Of course, there's no official indication of whether or not that will ultimately be the fate of either of those films, especially since that portion of the article does not quote Hamada directly. But still, the mention of both of those films in particular - especially when DC has countless other films in the work - is definitely interesting. The Batgirl solo film has been in the works for several years now, with Joss Whedon initially lined up to write and direct the project, only to drop out months later. Christina Hodson, who has penned both Birds of Prey and the upcoming Flashpoint for DC Films, has been handling the Batgirl script since April of 2018, but no official updates have been announced recently.

Static Shock, meanwhile, was just announced to be in the works in October of this year, with Michael B. Jordan lined up to produce the project.

While there are definitely fans who would want to see either Batgirl or Static Shock on the big screen - and again, this article doesn't definitively confirm either film's fate - there is an argument to be made for either film ending up on HBO Max, or even doing a hybrid release similar to Wonder Woman 1984 and WB's current 2021 film slate. Given how beloved Batgirl and Static Shock are as characters, there's a good chance that either film could reach a wider audience with the help of HBO Max, similarly to how Birds of Prey got a second wind once it hit PVOD and HBO Max earlier this year. Plus, as the theatrical experience proves to be more and more of a logistical challenge amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of definitively having blockbuster films premiere on filming could have some upsides. It also would provide an experience equivalent to what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has planned for the future, with a mix of theatrically-released films and Disney+ exclusive series.

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