Brandon Routh Teases Something Fun in Legends of Tomorrow Season 5

Brandon Routh will be back for this season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and things are getting even crazier this time around. The actor took to social media to tease some of the fun coming down the pipe this fall. The actor showed off a pretty spiffy baseball cap from his time in the recording booth for an upcoming episode. Looks like there could be some more singing going on this season on Legends.

Fans are relishing every moment with Ray Palmer as things progress because he might not be aboard the Waverider for much longer. Deadline reported that both Routh and Courtney Ford are stepping down as series regulars during the upcoming season. The Atom has become a very familiar face over the show's run. Ford has also carved out her own space since joining the team in Season 3. A statement was released earlier this year about the coming shake-up.

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Back to the recording booth for another fun little ditty on #LegendsOfTomorrow. 😄 #Ep506

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“Brandon and Courtney have been invaluable members of the Legends family,” series executive producers Phil Klemmer, Grianne Godfree and Keto Shimizu told Deadline. “They have always brought a level passion and collaboration to their characters and to the show — both on and off the screen – that we deeply admire and for which we are eternally grateful.”

There is reason for optimism among Legends of Tomorrow fans though, Routh will be playing a big role in the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover events. The star will reprise his role as Superman, but not as the same one he played in Superman Returns. Routh will be playing the version of the hero from Kingdom Come. A tiny bit of information that has fans of the Arrowverse excited about the scope of this event.


Routh's time as Superman has been referenced in this shared universe before during the "Invasion!" crossover. When the heroes of Earth-1 met Supergirl for the first time, Ray Palmer joked that Kara looked a little bit like his cousin. The moment ended up being a definite crowd pleaser at the time, and now the possibility exists for the two to battle side by side as Superman and Supergirl.

"Crisis on Infinite Earths" will hit the airwaves in December and January on The CW. This crossover will pay off the early teasing of a Crisis from the first episode of The Flash. "Crisis" will also figure heavily into the final episodes of Arrow with the Arrowverse being shaped by what happens in this immense event. The evil facing our heroes in the crossover will bring together Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and even Black Lightning. Things are going to get crazy on the CW this fall/winter.