Cameron Cuffe Says 'Krypton' Does "Really Cool Things" With Doomsday

Doomsday, the monster that killed Superman, has become one of the most popular villains in the [...]

Doomsday, the monster that killed Superman, has become one of the most popular villains in the last thirty years of DC Comics, and has made numerous screen appearances, from animated movies and TV series to Smallville and, of course, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Krypton star Cameron Cuffe, though, says they have some cool plans for the beast.

Plans which, for once, presumably don't have to do with Doomsday duking it out with Seg-El's grandson in the streets of Metropolis. But ever since Doomsday was announced at Comic Con this summer, fans have wondered how that might work, so we asked Cuffe during a visit to the set of Krypton.

"There's not too much I can say about that right now," Cuffe admitted. "But obviously, you know, when Geoff came out at Comic-Con and revealed all these awesome characters we're gonna play with, it's so awesome to share them with everyone. Doomsday obviously has such significance, that death of Superman came out in '93 that was the year of my birth, and it's an amazing Superman story, and it changed comics forever. Not just Superman, changed comics. So to be a part of that, to be a part of that story and I don't want to tell you how it all lines up, but we get to do some really, really cool stuff with Doomsday."

In the comics, Doomsday first appeared as an unexplained creature from below the Earth's crust. A veritable force of nature, it tore through the Northeastern United States before Superman finally died bringing him down.

Later, it would be revealed that a Kryptonian scientist named Bertron created the monster millennia ago, and that it had been created as a perfect living weapon, designed to withstand Krypton's punishing outlands and overcome the natural threats found there.

"Beasts of the outlands," of course, got mentioned in the pilot to Krypton, leaving us to wonder whether Doomsday himself had already been kinda/sorta name-dropped in the first episode.

What could happen, though, that is cool? Well, the series' big bad is Brainiac, after all...and in one story written and drawn by Doomsday creator Dan Jurgens, Brainiac and Doomsday memorably crossed paths...!

Krypton airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/9 CT on SYFY.