Wentworth Miller Returning for One More Episode of 'The Flash'

The most chilling rogue in all of Flash's gallery is returning to the series for one more go-round.

After a prominent role on both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, Wentworth Miller broke the hearts of Arrowverse fans last month when he announced that he was shooting his final episodes as Captain Cold. Many took this to mean that he was wrapping up his run as the character on Legends, considering he's currently aboard the Waverider with buddy Heatwave (Dominic Purcell).

However, it looks like Cold is making one more jump back to where it all started. A video recently surfaced of Miller answering fan questions at German Comic Con Dortmund earlier in the fall. After being asked about his future in the Arrowverse, and whether or not he'd come back, Miller revealed that he was shooting his very last scene in January, and that it would be for an episode of The Flash.

"I have one more episode to shoot, which I'll do in January. I think it'll be an episode of The Flash, and that's it for me contractually," Miller admitted to those in attendance.

Although Leonard Snart is currently appearing on Legends of Tomorrow, it makes a lot of sense to end his run on The Flash.

Remember, the version of Snart that exists in the Arrowverse right now is from Earth-X, not Earth-1. The love of his life, Ray Terrill, is still living in the alternate version of the universe, and Snart will eventually want to return home to him. The Flash offers him a way to do that, seeing as how Cisco has the ability to travel back and forth between the different Earths.

After telling fans about his Flash return, he made sure everyone knew that he was always willing to come back to the role in the future, if the situation is right.

"I'll never say never, because I do enjoy this character so much. I have a lot of affection for the cast," the actor said. "There are many reasons to come back, it just has to be the right story. So far, I think we've done a really good job of exploring all that Leonard Snart is, in his various incarnations. If the powers that be can prove to me that there's more story there worth telling, I'll certainly consider [returning]."


Fans aren't the only ones hoping that Captain Cold's run in the Arrowverse is far from over. During a recent visit to the Legends of Tomorrow set, Caity Lotz (Sara Lance) admitted, "I don't know if this is really his last [episode] ever. I was talking to him and was like, 'Yeah, but you will come back, right? You've gotta come back!'"

Miller will next appear on the midseason premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, which is set to air on Monday, February 12 at 8pm on The CW.