ComicBook NOW: 'Justice League' Reviews Too Harsh?

On Thursday night, ComicBook NOW tackled the biggest issue plaguing the geek community in late [...]

On Thursday night, ComicBook NOW tackled the biggest issue plaguing the geek community in late November: the Justice League reviews.

Debuting to a less than stellar score on the review aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes and some intensely harsh comments from dozens of critics, fans appear to be loving Justice League while the majority of critics despise it. Hosts Brandon Davis and Charlie Ridgely weighed in on the ordeal, trying to get a better understanding of where the negativity is stemming from.

"Critics are ripping Justice League apart," Davis said. "It seems like there is no in between. People either liked it, which is where I land, I really like Justice League, or it's the worst movie. It's like sitting on top of radiation is what these critics felt they were doing while watching Justice League."

"I don't understand that," Davis concluded.

"People who were at the junket and the premiere, they're tweeting their reactions to this movie," Ridgely added. "I saw a couple of negative things but it was mostly things like you said, like' There are some issues with this movie. There are some story things. I didn't like the villain very much but it was very, very fun. The characters had good lines and it was very uplifting and you left enjoying it. So, the transition from that, which was all seeing these reviews...I don't see where anyone's getting that from."

"I review a lot of the big comic book movies," Davis said. "I gave [Justice League] four out of five stars on []."

"It's not perfect," Ridgely said. "But it's a good time."

Reviews and comments aside, fans have been conversing about Rotten Tomatoes' choice to hold the percentage of reviews which were positive versus negative in favoe of debuting it on their See It/Skip It show. Some have gone as far as accusing Warner Bros. of influencing the decision as an attempt to save box office dollars.

"They used the Justice League Tomater score until the See It/Skip It show," Davis said. "I know everyone hates that this happened but I think: good idea. Looks what happening right now. We're on ComicBook NOW talking about another outlet's show! So, kudos to you guys, Rotten Tomatoes!"

"The embargo was up," Davis adds. "This wasn't a Warner Bros. call."

As for Ben Affleck's future as Batman, Davis pulled a few tweets from fans across social media who are divided in their opinion of whether or not they are ready for recasting. Ridgely believes Affleck will take on one more film as the Caped Crusader, most likely ending with the Flashpoint movie. "That first scene in BvS, when Bruce Wayne is running into the rubble, he was really capturing Bruce Wayne," Ridgely said. "Then, you watch the Justice League trailers and some parts in Justice League, especially the parts you know were reshot, his enthusiasm just didn't seem to be there."

Also featured in the November 16 episode of ComicBook NOW is the new The Untitled Deadpool Sequel trailer, the ratings rise on The Walking Dead, and a discussion about Ben Affleck's future as Batman.

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