Lex Luthor's Fate in Crisis on Infinite Earths Revealed

When The CW's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" began, Supergirl was in for a horrifying surprise. Lex Luthor, the diabolical villain who was behind so much of conflict that had plagued National City - not to mention who had tried to kill both her and her cousin, Superman, repeatedly - wasn't as dead as she thought he was. He had been brought back by the Monitor to play a role in the defense of the Multiverse. Lex stunned once again when, after the heroes were sent to the Vanishing Point at the end of hour three of the crossover event, he replaced Earth-96's Superman as a Paragon having rewritten the Book of Destiny to make it so. Having been dead and then restored for "Crisis", fans went into the conclusion wondering what the iconic villain's ultimate fate would be and it turns out, it will have major implications for the Arrowverse going forward.

Spoilers for tonight's conclusion of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" below.

After the Anti-Monitor is defeated and the universe is reborn, Supergirl "wakes up" at home in National City and is quickly made aware of how different the world is now. She hurries to a Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and is horrified to discover that Lex Luthor is the recipient. The surprises don't stop there though. Supergirl heads to the DEO and finds out that Lex is the "best" guy, he and Lena are Supergirl's biggest supporters, oh and he is also in charge of the DEO. Surprise! This new status quo is one that will be difficult for Supergirl, especially since Lex also remembers everything that happened before this new reality and that means he's probably up to something.

That Lex survives to scheme another day may not be a major surprise for Supergirl fans. The CW recently released photos from "Bottle Episode," the upcoming January 19 episode of the series which just so happens to be the first after "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and in those photos is one of Lex sitting behind what is either a desk or a conference table - which we now realizes is at the DEO - looking very much in charge of things once again. While the episode synopsis doesn't really reveal anything specific, it looks like one of the complications from "Crisis" that Supergirl and her allies will be facing is Lex and it's something that opens up a lot of questions about what will happen next, especially with the looming threat of Leviathan.

Were you surprised that Lex got brought back for good at the end of "Crisis on Infinite Earths"? Let us know in the comments below.


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