DC Announces New Blood Syndicate Series, Milestone Compendium for 2022

DC publishing is set to get the spotlight in some intriguing ways during DC FanDome, with previews of what's in store for some highly-anticipated titles and initiatives. That has been previously reported to include an update on the Milestone universe — and it looks like fans got some truly epic announcements. In addition to updates about the Static Shock live-action movie, as well as the news of a Milestone animated feature film, Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan and producer Reginald Hudlin announced some epic things regarding the comics themselves. This includes that an all-new Blood Syndicate comic book series is currently in the works, with the goal of it being released in 2022. A creative team is expected to be announced at a later date. Additionally, Cowan and Hudlin confirmed that "Season Two" plans are in place for the first wave of new Milestone titles — Static, Icon and Rocket, and Hardware.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Additionally, Cowan and Hudlin revealed that a Milestone anthology, titled Milestone Compendium One, will be released on February 1, 2022. The softcover collection will offer 1,300 pages of Milestone content, collecting issues #1-12 of Blood Syndicate, Hardware #1 -12, Icon #1-10, Static #1-8, Xombi #1-8, and Shadow Cabinet #0.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

"It's been extremely gratifying to see people's responses, and I'm very excited about what we have to bring them, because we've all been working really hard on this stuff," Cowan explained during a virtual press event for Hardware: Season One earlier this year. "And it's good to see it finally, finally, coming to fruition and seeing people's responses has been good. But people have no idea what's in store for them. This has just been...the tip of the iceberg. What you're going to see is stuff that's going to literally, it's going to make everybody in this panel room write us and go 'You didn't tell us about you was gonna do this! I can't believe you guys did this!' Because there's going to be some...we want to do stuff that makes DC even go: 'Are you guys sure you want to do this?'"

"You have to challenge them," Cowan added. "How are they going to let us take them on this journey? So far, they let us take them pretty far."

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