DC Extended Universe Is Not The Official Term For 'Justice League'-Related Movies

Superhero cinematic universes are a hot commodity these days, but it seems the media and fans have been referring to one of them in the wrong way.

Writer Abraham Riesman of Vulture recently had the chance to chat with DC execs like Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns about their DC Extended Universe, and among other things learned that the aforementioned title isn't actually real.

"Early on in my reporting, officials at WB/DC told me no one uses the term 'DC Extended Universe' internally, and that it's not official," Riesman said. "And that they didn't know came up with it.

He eventually discovered the first appearance of the term, which came up in an article from July 1, 2015. The writer is named Keith Staskiewicz, and despite not having much of an online presence Riesman managed to get hold of him. Staskiewicz revealed that the language was his creation and meant more of as a joke than anything.

"It was my own phrasing when I used it in the story," Staskiewicz said. "Just seemed like the kind of thing they'd call it!"

Upon rereading the article, he noticed something that explains a bit of why people ran with it. "I just looked back on the piece now and noticed the (in-my-mind) sardonic little trademark symbol I gave it," Staskiewicz said. "Whoops."

So there you have it. It turns out that the DC Extended Universe isn't an official branding by Warner Bros. or DC, though no one seemed to reveal exactly what they do refer to it as behind the scenes. It could just be something as simple as the DC Universe, but we guess that is a mystery for another day.


The DC Extended Cinematic Based On Comic Books Universe Of Superheroes is moving full speed ahead at the moment, as the studio hopes that Justice League manages to find an audience. Current predictions are setting the project right around $150 million, but it could go much higher if word of mouth is positive, something that previous DC films have yet to accomplish outside of Wonder Woman.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.

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