“Ugly” Christmas Sweaters: DC Villains Edition

Yesterday, DC heroes united for a series of knitted Christmas sweaters that are categorized as "ugly" but are actually quite awesome. And what good is a hero without a nemesis? The Joker and Harley Quinn sweaters have arrived to fill that void.

(Photo: Merchoid)

Like the Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman sweaters before it, the Joker and Harley Quinn versions are knitted rather than cheaply printed on a sweatshirt. That may not be great news for those of you who live in warmer climates, but the Clown Prince of Crime and The Maid of Mischief like to spend the holidays nice and toasty. If someone offers you a glass of eggnog while wearing one of these sweaters, I suggest that you politely refuse.

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The Harley Quinn version is especially fantastic in my opinion, and can be ordered here. The Joker version is available here. Both are currently in the pre-order phase with shipment slated for November. Quantities are limited, and they will probably be difficult to get as we get closer to the holidays, so now is the time to grab one.