'Detective Comics' Writer Peter J. Tomasi On Writing for Both 'Action' and 'Detective' #1000

Peter J. Tomasi, who recently left Superman to make way for Brian Michael Bendis and is taking over Detective Comics, confirmed for us at New York Comic Con that he will be writing the lead feature in Detective Comics #1000.

This makes Tomasi the first (although almost certainly not the last) creator confirmed to be contributing to both Action Comics #1000, which came out earlier this year, and Detective Comics #1000, which will celebrate Batman's 80th anniversary when it is released in 2019.

"It's great. I mean honestly, the stars aligned," Tomasi told ComicBook.com. "I was shocked when I realized that. For some reason when I took it over, I didn't start to think about it and I was like, 'Wait a second. I'll also be doing Detective along with a bunch of other guys like Action Comics [#1000].' I'll be doing the lead story and then other guys will be picking it up. So pretty happy, pretty excited to be that kind of part of history forever."

Action Comics #1000 featured the work of dozens of contributors in an oversized issue, including then-Action writer Dan Jurgens, Tomasi, Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Lee, and many more.

Tomasi briefly worked on Detective Comics back in 2016, but his more lengthy run in Gotham City was a fan-favorite turn on Batman and Robin. He told ComicBook.com that he was making a conscious effort to steer away from the feel of those previous outings in his return to the character.

"I wanted my first art to be a pure Batman story, the kind I grew up in when I was a kid so I wanted it to be sort of a Bob Haney/Jim Aparo [thing]. Gordon, some Alfred, and that's it -- and the horrible stuff that's happening at the moment," Tomasi said. "There'll be some Robin and the Flash gaming around but nothing like we saw in Batman and Robin until after the first eight issues probably 'cause I really wanted to focus on Bruce/Batman in this one."


Of course, during that time, Tomasi will still be writing Damian Wayne pretty regularly in The Adventures of the Super-Sons.

Detective Comics #1000 should be on the stands in March 2019.