Doom Patrol Showrunner on How They Pulled Off One of The Finale's Crazier Scenes

Throughout its entire first season, DC Universe's Doom Patrol pulled off some pretty crazy [...]

Throughout its entire first season, DC Universe's Doom Patrol pulled off some pretty crazy moments. From travelling through an actual donkey in the series' second episode to the lost city of Nurnheim existing inside a snow globe in "Cult Patrol", even to the surprising and hilarious carnivorous butt creatures freed from Bureau of Normalcy captivity in "Cyborg Patrol," Doom Patrol didn't shy away from the wacky and unusual. Yet, in the season finale the show took on a scene that may have been its weirdest of all -- and according to showrunner Jeremy Carver, it's one that was mostly practical effects.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Carver was asked if there were any moments where they thought they had gone too far or weren't going to be able make work and it turns out that it was a scene in the finale that had the production scratching their heads -- at least at first. In the scene, Cliff/Robotman (Brendan Fraser) is eaten by a giant-sized Admiral Whiskers -- a rat and while it would have made sense for that to be a CGI adventure, it turns out they actually decided to build it for real.

"In the finale, Cliff going into the belly of a kaiju rat and having his journey in the belly of whale arc, we really didn't know how we were going to pull that absurd, crazy moment off," Carver said. "At first, we thought it was going to be a CG creation, a digital Cliff inside a digital belly. Relatively late in the process we decided, 'You know, let's go for it! Let's actually build the belly of a giant rat where Cliff is sitting in stomach acid.'"

"And the production designer went for it," he continued. "Suffice to say he had never designed the innards of a rat before. He came up with this idea and it came off spectacularly well. We didn't know if we'd be able to pull that one off, building the stomach lining of a rat, because it's such an odd thing to request and have to build on a TV timeline. But we did! [Laughs] It was what, 75% accurate? Who knows, really! Every episode had some great challenge that our production team just jumped at and no one ever said can't, it was always finding a way to do it. For that, I was eternally grateful."

It's that kind of just "go for it" attitude that Carver told Entertainment Weekly is something he learned from Supernatural: you can go anywhere with the crazy as long as you keep characters true to themselves.

"Speaking specifically to a person like Mark Sheppard, I learned to know when you have a winner," Carver said. "I wasn't particularly worried about Mark being known as Crowley, because he's a fantastic actor, so why wouldn't I have availed myself of his talents? That was one thing I learned right there. But there's a multitude of things. You can go anywhere you want to go with the show in terms of craziness, even into a person's brain, and as long as your characters stay true to themselves, it will work. That was a lesson very much learned on Supernatural and the places we went there, that I took and applied to Doom Patrol."

Doom Patrol Season 1 is now streaming on DC Universe.