'Doomsday Clock' Teaser Trailer Hints At DC's Bleak 2018

Spoilers ahead for Doomsday Clock #2, on sale now.

In a short video teaser for tomorrow's Doomsday Clock #2, DC has pulled back the curtain on a new website that appears to be an in-universe news archive, detailing some of the events that led up to Doomsday Clock in the DC Universe.

Of course, since Doomsday Clock takes place a year from now in the DC publishing timeline, that means there are some tantalizing details about what fans can expect in 2018 coming across your monitor as you browse "The Bulletin."

The site, the address for which appears in "subliminal" messages throughout the video but can also be seen on the final screen after the trailer has been played, features the backmatter from Doomsday Clock #2, a DC Universe news site called "The Bulletin" that primarily delves into a pair of stories: one on "The Supermen Theory" and another on industrial espionage directed at Bruce Wayne by Lex Luthor.

There are a few things to be taken from this:

First, it seems as though Luthor's days of being an armored superhero wearing Superman's family crest are well and truly at an end, with the villain returned to his penthouse and his misdeeds.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Second, the on-again/off-again cold war between Luthor and Wayne seems to have heated up in the months between now and then, largely because of "The Supermen Theory."

That is the third, and arguably biggest, revelation: that much of the public in the DC Universe seems to be skeptical of superheroes following a report out of Markovia that suggests the concentration of most of the world's superheroes in the United States is because the U.S. government has been experimenting on its own people for years, and that many of the world's self-appointed protectors are in fact agents of the government who can be turned against the rest of the world if the President wills it.

The theory seems to have turned some people against Batman, likely because one of the examples they use -- Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho -- has a long history of working alongside the Dark Knight with The Outsiders.

Mason is singled out in "The Supermen Theory," with documents ostensibly proving that his powers did not happen in an accident, as has always been suggested, but by design and with Mason's consent.


How or if this will impact Metamorpho's role in The Terrifics, the forthcoming "New Age of Heroes" title from writer Jeff Lemire," is not yet clear.

Doomsday Clock #2 is available in stores and online tomorrow. You can get one at your local comics retailer (which you can find here) or pre-order a digital copy now.