The Flash Movie Director Teases New Suit and Logo

The Flash movie director Andy Muschietti has made a new social media post that seems to tease the [...]

The Flash movie director Andy Muschietti has made a new social media post that seems to tease the new Flash costume and logo that Ezra Miller will wear in the film. Muschietti has been making regular teases and updates about the film's progress on social media, and this look at the new Flash costume comes right on the heels of a similar tease of the new Batman costume insignia Michael Keaton's Batman will wear - along with some similarly intriguing details in the image. In the Batman post, the hero's insignia was stained in droplets of blood; this Flash image has a more subtle hint built into it.

As you can see, Barry Allen's new Flash suit seems to be wired with circuitry that is centralized around the lightning insignia on his chest. In the DC Movie Universe, Barry's speed force powers come with a considerable amount of electric charge - as we see in more detail during the events of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Flash used the power he can generate to activate the Mother Box used to bring Superman back to life; however, the design of this new suit seems to suggest that Barry could actually harness that electrical power himself, for purposes yet unknown. Given the film's plotline of Barry going back in the past and changing history (creating a disrupted DC movie timeline), having Flash master his time-traveling runs could be a key plot point.

Indeed, the more Muschietti teases, the more it looks like The Flash will indeed be a pivotal film in setting up an entire new era of the DC Movie Universe franchise. The Batman logo teaser came with a blood stain that had fans making associations to the Watchmen series and its DC Comics sequel Doomsday Clock. That latter series was responsible for rebooting the DC Comics Universe (and its convoluted continuity of different imprints and multiverse realities) into a more streamlined and centralized form.

It seems very possible (and likely) that The Flash movie will do somewhat the opposite, by establishing an official DC Movie Multiverse, where films like Aquaman, Wonder Woman and The Flash exist in one corner, but leave room for multiple versions of Batman (like Matt Reeves The Batman) or Superman (in Ta-Nehisi Coates Black Superman movie) to also exist in their own standalone universes, in addition to appearing in the Justice League shared universe.

The Flash hits theaters on November 4, 2022.