'Gotham's Cameron Monaghan Reportedly Playing Two Different Characters This Season

Has Gotham's Joker riddle finally been solved??

Ever since Jerome debuted on Gotham, fans have believed him to be the show's version of Batman's arch-nemesis, The Joker. However, despite the fact that Jerome's mannerisms and story arc line up perfectly with the Clown Prince of Crime, the cast and creators of Gotham have maintained the stance that Jerome and the Joker are two different people. How can that be?

It looks like Gotham star Morena Baccarin may have revealed the answer.

While speaking with Bustle, Baccarin was asked about Jerome's return to the show, and she quickly praised the work she witnessed Cameron Monaghan put in this season.

"Cameron Monaghan's coming back," Baccarin said. "He's never really left us. He's got some incredible scenes."

On the subject of those scenes, Baccarin let slip that one of Monaghan's acting partners was actually himself. Bustle didn't include the full quote from Baccarin here, but reported that she revealed Monaghan will also be playing a relative of Jerome's this season, one who looks a lot like the character we all know. Baccarin called this new family member "psychotic" and that he would work with Jerome in "leading Gotham to revolt."

Now the pieces are starting to fall into place, and the introduction of the Joker is making a little more sense.

Earlier this week, ComicBook.com spoke with Gotham's David Mazouz about what's to come this season, and he had some interesting things to say about the whole Jerome/Joker situation. After admitting that Jerome wasn't the Joker, he did say that Joker's introduction into the series was "one of the biggest shocks" the fans will have ever seen. Mazouz was very coy about what he said next.

"He [Jerome] is not the man that will have green hair and a pale face. He's not that man."

Jerome doesn't have green hair and a pale face, but maybe one of his relatives does?

Taking things one step further, let's consider the comments Ben McKenzie recently made to EW. The actor, who plays Jim Gordon, hinted that Monaghan had multiple "personalities" this season, teasing that there was more to Jerome than we initially thought.

Fans of Gotham love Monaghan's performance, and many have hoped he would go on to play the Joker on the show. By introducing a new character that's played by the actor, but isn't Jerome, Gotham can deliver the shock of making the Joker a big reveal while still keeping Monaghan in the role.


If this pans out, it could be the best of both worlds.

Jerome is set to return in the next episode of Gotham, airing on Thursday, March 8 at 8pm ET on FOX.