Gotham Knights: Olivia Rose Keegan Teases What's Next For Duela After "Scene of the Crime" (Exclusive)

After being framed for the murder of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the series premiere of Gotham Knights, this week's episode of The CW's newest DC-inspired series saw the four fugitives — Turner Hayes, Harper and Cullen Row, and Duela — start investigating the crime themselves in an effort to clear their names. That investigation led them back to the scene of the crime but was also complicated by the realization that the Court of Owls is involved. Things got especially complicated when it came to interpersonal dynamics with the unlikely team as well and now, Olivia Rose Keegan is opening up about what's next for Duela after this week's "Scene of the Crime".

Warning: spoilers for this week's episode of Gotham Knights, "Scene of the Crime", beyond this point.

In the episode, Turner and Carrie determine that they need to get Bruce's case diaries to try to determine what case he was working on right before his murder — which means they need to go to Bruce's office where said murder took place. At first the plan works perfectly, and they are able to get in undetected while Harper, Cullen, and Duela wait in a Wayne Security vehicle in the garage. But things go awry when a Talon shows up and when the Rows move to aid Carrie and Turner, Duela decides to make a run for it, declaring that she's always abandoned and knows that no one would come for her so why would she stick around for anyone else?

Duela, however, ends up in trouble herself, when the Talon comes for her as she tries to sell Detective Ford's watch in her escape. Duela ends up trapped in a burning car with death seemingly imminent when the others show up to rescue her and fight the Talon in the process. It's a major moment and one that Keegan said may mark a shift for Duela.

"She's definitely worked her entire life to turn off all those 'soft' mechanisms inside of her because she learned a long time ago that the only way to survive was to take care of oneself," Keegan said. "So, there's definitely going to be a glitch in her system. She doesn't really know what to do when this happens and when these people prove her wrong and come back to save her. She doesn't think she deserves it, doesn't know what to do with this weird cringey information. And that'll be a common theme through the season, the glitches in her system and the self-sabotage that will come from the not believing that people could actually want to be there for her."

The moment also seemed to hint at some possible chemistry between Duela and Turner, something that Keegan said would have to take a long time if it were to actually play out.

"There's a whole lot there and it would take a long time. It would theoretically have to be a very slow burn situation because Turner represents to Duela everything screwed up about the system," Keegan said. "Where she doesn't know that much about him, but in her eyes, Turner grew up in wealth and privilege and on the good side of the tracks and hasn't had to work for anything in his life and is this spoiled Bat Brat. So, there's a lot of getting to know each other and proving one's self to each other that would need to happen."

Gotham Knights airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.