Harley Quinn Hair Dye Unveiled

Harley Hair Dye
(Photo: Hot Topic / Splat)

Suicide Squad will be hitting theatres soon, and with that impending release will also come a whole new wave of Harley Quinn popularity.

Her look in the film will most likely be seen at unprecedented levels this Halloween, but for those who just want to replicate Margot Robbie's pink and blue hair from the movie you're now in luck via Fashionably Geek). Splat hair dye and Hot Topic have joined up to release an exclusive Harley Quinn hair dye kit. It will be sold exclusively at Hot Topic, and will come with two colors, those being Blue Crush and Pink Fantasy.

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(Photo: Hot Topic / Splat)

The kit contains the kit now for $15.12 on their website, which normally retails for $18.90.

You can expect more Harley Quinn products to hit stores over the next few months and right up until Christmas. I don’t see the popularity of the character going anywhere anytime soon.