Harley Quinn Season 2 Trailer Revealed

The first season of Harley Quinn wrapped up on DC Universe just a few weeks ago, but we don't have [...]

The first season of Harley Quinn wrapped up on DC Universe just a few weeks ago, but we don't have to wait long until Season 2 premieres on the streaming service. Now DC Universe has revealed a brand new trailer for Harley Quinn Season 2 which includes the debut of Batgirl, teases romance between some best friends, and reveals the rise of Bane. It includes all of the zany and raunchy DC action fans have come to expect from the animated Harley Quinn series, including Harley using a flame thrower and ice to depict an NSFW part of anatomy.

The new trailer also confirms the release date for Season 2, with Harley Quinn set to return to the streaming service on April 3rd. Take a look at the video player!

With Harley Quinn having defeated the Joker and revived her best friend Poison Ivy, she and her crew go Gotham supervillains are now setting their sights on domination. While other threats such as the Penguin, Bane, and Mister Freeze might be vying for the position of top villain now that Joker is out oof the picture, Harley has big plans to continue her rise to the top.

The trailer also features the debut of the scrappy young Barbara Gordon, who appears to be a fledgling crimefighter and at the beginning of her journey as Batgirl. The costume appears to be inspired by the Babs Tarr design, the fan-favorite "Batgirl of Burnside" look that debuted a few years ago.

We also get a glimpse of a potential relationship between Harley and Ivy, with a quick shot showing their hands touching with a sense of intimacy. While Ivy is currently in a relationship with the pathetic Kite-Man, many fans are under the impression that the Ivy/Harley ship is endgame.

"Now, this is the idea that we deal with in the second batch of thirteen and that becomes about both of them seeking love," said showrunner Justin Halpern. "I don't want to spoil it, so I'll just say I think we get to the place where people want us to get to, but we do it carefully. We're not trying to bait anyone or tease anyone. We pay off things off in a satisfying way but we want to make sure we earn it. I'm sure I was evasive enough here to where I've spoiled it and will also get yelled at. Fun!"

Harley Quinn returns to DC Universe for Season 2 on April 3rd.