HBO Boss Debunks Reports That Watchmen Is Finished

Earlier today, fans were somewhat shocked to learn that HBO was unlikely to create a new season of the acclaimed series Watchmen without the involvement of showrunner Damon Lindelof, with a new report indicating that Lindelof had no interest in returning for new episodes. But while many people assumed this meant a death knell for future seasons of Watchmen, it sounds like a classic case of a demise being greatly exaggerated because now HBO's head of programming Casey Bloys has made it clear that the story for Season 2 is the same as it has been.

After Bloys' comments at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, USA Today reported that Lindelof had no interest in Season 2 of Watchmen, the HBO boss shared an article from Decider that indicates that's not exactly true.

Check out the post from Bloys below:

Lindelof himself has made it clear that he always planned for Watchmen to be a single season and that he would only return for more episodes if the right idea came along.

"Contractually speaking, I don't think it's come up yet," Lindelof said to Entertainment Weekly. "I don't know what the rules of the hold are. [Regina King] is directing a movie right now and I think we'll [sic] be doing so for the foreseeable future. If any of the actors wanted to do another TV show or movie, I think that they would be free to do so."

He added, "We're now basically in a realm where Jean Smart can do Legion and Watchman [sic] simultaneously if you can figure out the scheduling. It's not like the days of Lost where it's, 'Sorry Matthew Fox, you're on lockdown for six years.' As for the writers … they've gone on to other things. I guess I have it in the back of my mind where if I called them up and they were available and I could be like, 'Hey, we're putting the gang back together for another heist, and they would be able to do it.' But maybe I'm naive about that."

Bloys himself previously told the Hollywood Reporter that he is open to continue the series but only with the involvement of Lindelof.


"Where we left it with Damon was he's thinking about what he wants to do and I'm taking his lead on that," Bloys explained. "If he has an idea that he's excited about, then I'm excited; if he wants to do something else, then that's what I want to do."

So Watchmen Season 2 is still a possibility, but we will have to wait a long time before we get any new episodes.