Is Jesse Quick Returning to 'The Flash'?

This season of The Flash has been light on speedsters. Will Wally having left for Blue Valley early on, Jay Garrick presumably protecting Earth-3, and Jesse Quick doing just fine having booted Harry from Team Quick on Earth-2, Barry has been Central City's lone speedster, but that might be changing.

The Flash's Candice Patton, who plays Iris on the series, shared a post to her Instagram stories today featuring Jesse Quick actress Violett Beane and Beane's dog at what appeared to be a coffee shop or cafe with Patton tagging Beane in the post.

candice patton instagram story

While the post doesn't appear to take place on set, the photo does suggest that Beane is back in Vancouver, presumably to briefly step back into the role of Jesse Quick. Last fans had heard of Jesse was during this season's fourth episode "Luck Be a Lady" where, instead of the date Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) was expecting, Wally got a break up cube from Jesse as delivered by her father, Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh.) Turns out Jesse wanted to focus on her super heroic activities, a decision that ultimately led Wally to leave on a journey of self-discovery outside of Star City himself.

While it's been clear that Beane wasn't going to be returning to The Flash on a regular basis -- Beane is now appearing on Fox's medical drama The Resident -- there have been recent rumors that Beane would at least appear in a few episodes this season. A rumor popped up on Twitter late last year that Beane was on her way to Vancouver to film and while that was never confirmed other rumors have surfaced that an upcoming episode of The CW's speedster show would be speedster-centric and feature all of The Flash's speedsters -- including John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick. Some fans have theorized that the episode, reportedly entitled "Enter Flashtime," would serve as a way for Lonsdale's Wally to officially depart The Flash to join the cast of Legends of Tomorrow.

If Jesse is returning to The Flash, it could also indicate that one of the bus metas Team Flash has been dealing with courtesy The Thinker this season might be of the speedster variety, a move that would make sense considering that the so-called bus metas were crated because of Barry's exiting the Speed Force. Of course, while there's no shortage of tantalizing reasons Quick might be headed back to Earth-1's Central City, there's been no official confirmation of the speedster's return meaning fans will just have to wait and see if this season will see a Speedster Reunion or not.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.