Jared Leto Terrifies Jimmy Fallon With A Gift From The Joker

The Joker is all about spreading the joy, though his means of doing so are typically highly questionable. Jared Leto embodies that trait perfectly and brought his unique sense of gift giving to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The actor was on hand to promote the upcoming Suicide Squad and brought a special something for Fallon.


"Well you know the Joker is a big giver of gifts, have you guys heard about this? He was thinking of you and wanted to pass off this gift, uh, especially for you?" Leto hands Fallon a small black box with a red bow attached, and as with any gift from The Joker should be, it was received with a healthy dose of caution.

"I've read about things and I've heard about things, because I've heard that The Joker's given people like rats and things, before. This is a gift from The Joker?"

Fallon was right to be paranoid, as upon opening the box a little snake popped out his head and started to slither around. Fallon makes no bones that he doesn't like snakes, but that is soon replaced with all out fear as the snake escapes the box and slithers to the floor. Leto grabs the snake and proceeds to chase Fallon around the stage.


Leto's antics on set and towards the cast of Suicide Squad have been well documented, with him delivering things like condoms, live rats, bullets, and a dead pig to his castmates. All in all, a live snake was par for the course.