'Constantine' Star Matt Ryan On His Long Journey To 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Matt Ryan's career as DC Comics' popular antihero John Constantine has been tumultuous, to say the least. Due to poor ratings, his solo television show was cancelled after just one season and he's portrayed the character in other shows across various platforms, including both live-action and animation.

After a recurring role on DC's Legends of Tomorrow last season, Ryan was bumped up to a series regular for the upcoming fourth season and now that Constantine seems to back full-time, at least momentarily, Ryan has expressed excitement in getting to dive in to the character.

Prior to attending Supanova Comic Con and in the land down under, Ryan spoke to The AU Review about his expanded role.

"“Well, doing Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow is different to, obviously, Constantine, or even the Hellblazer comics," Ryan explained. "There’s so many different elements of the character, which I think the writers of Legends, Arrow, and of Constantine, always did a great job of bringing those out."

When it comes to storylines Constantine fans would know from the comics, Ryan isn't quite sure whether the writers on Legends of Tomorrow will adapt those for television or not.

"In terms of particular storylines, we did, and start to explore, we explored a few of those on the NBC show. That was great, to watch those writers kind of adapt in those stories, and see them through the medium of television," said Ryan.

"But there’s so many great stories in the comic books, and as I say, what’s great about them is just reading them, kind of gives me a little bit more, kind of history to the character, and a little bit under more my skin towards him, as well.

Outside of comic-accurate story arcs, Ryan's excited to jump in and get the opportunity to explore Constantine's mythos in-depth.

"And there’s always other elements of the character, and it’s great, but we can bring those to the fore in this show. That’s one thing I love about John is, he has so much going on and there’s so much more to explore that keeps you interested, and how they make of it in the character, as well," Ryan said.

"Because there are all these weird story lines that are being written over the years, that people always draw on them.”

According to The CW's official synopsis of the upcoming season, it seems that Constantine is set to play a rather large role on the show over the course of season four.


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While we do not yet have a return date for Legends of Tomorrow, we do know what night of the week it will air. Legends of Tomorrow will return this fall to Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.