The Weeknd Impresses Joker Fans With Chillingly Accurate Halloween Costume

Sometimes there are good celebrity Halloween costumes, and sometimes there are great ones. Award-winning musician The Weeknd doesn't fall into either one of those categories this year, though. While a ton of different stars dressed up as the Joker, the famed DC Comics villain, due to the recent success of the Joaquin Phoenix movie, no one pulled off the look quite like The Weeknd. He threw it back to Jack Nicholson's Joker from 1989's Batman, and the result is shockingly accurate.

On Thursday, The Weeknd posted a few pictures of his Halloween threads to Twitter, and he somehow looks exactly like Jack Nicholson. It's honestly a little frightening just how closely he resembles that version of the Clown Prince of Crime. Everything from the smile to the cane is simply spot-on.

The Weeknd's tweet simply consisted of a few clown emojis and four photos of himself dressed as Joker, each one more accurate than the last. Whether or not he can pull of the Nicholson voice remains to be seen, but The Weeknd has Joker's look down pat. You can check out the photos below.

Yes, Joker has been one of the most talked-about characters in all of pop culture as of late, as well as one of the most divisive. The new Joker film from Todd Phillips had people worrying ahead of its release that it would incite violence around the country. Warner Bros., however, never thought it would be an issue.

"There were a lot of misunderstandings around the history of the tragic shooting in Aurora, [Colorado, in 2012,] which happened at a [The Dark Knight Rises]," Warner Bros. exec Toby Emmerich told The Hollywood Reporter. "And we were certainly supersensitive to it [and the tragedy for the victims and their loved ones]. But that film and that shooting had no connection in any way to the Joker character. So we had to judge our film on its own merits.


"A lot of the social media comments around the film were by people who hadn't seen the film and didn't know what it was. We looked at the film really closely and did feel that it was a great film. That it was a piece of art. And we didn't think it would inspire violence. We took it to Venice, where it won the Golden Lion. And we felt comfortable releasing the film."

At the end of the day, the controversy didn't stop people from showing up to the theater, helping Joker become the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, and also inspiring millions of Halloween costumes this year. Props to The Weeknd for throwing it back to the Nicholson era and setting himself apart from the clown crowd.