'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Excited To See 'Justice League'

Despite some fans claiming to be devout comic book readers, they don't always have the best senses [...]

Despite some fans claiming to be devout comic book readers, they don't always have the best senses of humor and don't take lightly to some friendly teasing. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi found that out the annoying way by playing dumb about Justice League's release, going on to have to alert fans he's actually excited to see the DC film.

DC and Marvel have had a friendly rivalry going back decades. With the two comics companies debuting theatrical adaptations of their characters in the span of two weeks, it's the closest the rivalry has come to directly competing for the same market at the same time.

Dozens of followers chimed in to express disappointment with the director perpetuating the rivalry, with Waititi replying to some of them directly to assuage their fears. As the comments kept coming, Waititi instead posted a generic statement to all of his followers about genuinely being excited to check the movie out.

With how many different projects both companies put out, there isn't often a direct competition between the two.

Back in 2016, Warner Bros. announced that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice would come to theaters on May 6, only for Marvel to announce that Captain America: Civil War would also be shooting for a May 6 release date. As to avoid trying to capture the same audience, Warner Bros. moved their release date forward by two months.

Waititi has plenty of reason to feel relaxed heading into this weekend, with his Ragnarok having earned $122.7 million in its opening weekend. The most recent reports about Justice League estimate the film will open to roughly $95 million, far short of the third solo Thor film.

The executives at Warner Bros. are most likely having a stressful weekend, as Justice League brings together some of DC's most legendary heroes for the first time in one movie. The movie should have been earning numbers similar to what Marvel's The Avengers took in back in 2012, but might end up being the DC Extended Universe's lowest opening yet.

You can see Justice League in theaters now.

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