Karen Fukuhara Says Suicide Squad Launch Is Bigger Than Her Future Wedding Day

"I cried today," actress Karen Fukuhara revealed to Comicbook.com at the World Premiere of Suicide Squad in New York. The actress has experienced a whirlwind of press junket activities for the last week that would make any seasoned actor's head spin, and all of this is happening on her first ever feature film. As she prepares for the reaction to her portrayal of Katana and the film in general, her nerves are in full effect.

"I've had butterflies in my stomach all day. I think this whole thing with Suicide Squad is going to be bigger than my wedding day!" she said. "I just know that I have the Squadies behind my back supporting me, and I'm just so thankful and grateful to be here."

As far as fans or audience she's looking to impress, Fukuhara brought her father, a Japanese immigrant to the U.S., to the premiere.

"I'm just excited to see it with my dad. He doesn't speak English, and he's a very traditional, stoic, Japanese dad. So he was very nervous about coming to the premiere. He said, 'I don't know if I fit in, I don't know what to wear, should I even go?' I said, 'Of course! You have to be there!' I'm just excited to sit next to him and be able to experience it with him, together."


Earlier in the weekend at the press junket, Fukuhara talked to Comicbook.com about what it meant to play a character steeped in her own Japanese tradition, and how she connected with Katana because of that.

"I read the comics, and Katana has an amazing backstory with her sword, her husband in the sword, and her mission of justice," she said. "Katana is a samurai warrior, an expert in martial arts. After doing a lot of research in the field, I knew what she had to be in my mind. I come from a Japanese culture and background where I grew up with that sort of education. I knew in the back of my mind who Katana was, and knew I had a part of her inside of me."

It was the physical training that "made that click" for her, during the pre-production month and a half of rehearsal and training.

"She is a samurai warrior. She doesn't have to think about what she's doing next, she just knows. I had to go through the right kind of training to be her," she said. She did almost all her own stunts, but credits her stunt advisor and fight choreographers for teaching her "the muscle memory, and understanding every move."

You can see Karen Fukuhara in Suicide Squad as Katana on August 5, 2016. See what she'd like to see in the future for Katana on screen here.