Kevin Smith Challenges Matt Damon To Read Superhero Lines On Geeking Out

On the premiere of Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg's Geeking Out, Matt Damon dropped by to lend his voice talents to some famous comic book dialogue, and it was here that we all learned how the word Shazam affected him as a child.

Smith presented three pieces of dialogue from various characters in the DC Universe, including Guy Gardner, Green Arrow, and Captain Marvel. Damon had to work his magic on these quotes.

Kevin Smith Matt Damon
(Photo: Geeking Out)

Gardner was up first. "Excuse me screw loose, but the name's Guy Gardner, the one true Green Lantern, and when it comes to wielding power you ain't seen nothing yet." A solid performance, though he did have trouble not laughing in the middle of it. It earned Smith's approval.

Next up was Green Arrow from The Dark Knight Returns. Since this is a grizzled Oliver Queen, who has previously lost his arm thanks to Superman, it needed a healthy dose of bitterness. Damon even went method and tucked his arm into his shirt.

"And they've been covering me, just like they covered up my escape. Sure they'd love to frost me, but when it all comes down I want a piece of em. A small piece will do, for old time's sake ya know? It still hurts when it's cold."

That received a huge reaction from Smith, and frankly, it should've because it was fantastic.

Last but not least, we get to Captain Marvel, who Damon has a history with.


"I broke my foot, or my ankle when I was three years old because I jumped off a Jungle Jim and screamed Shazam." What better way to end the segment than by shouting Shazam!

You can hear his rendition, and catch the rest of the segment in the video above. Geeking Out premiered at San Diego Comic-Con.