Kevin Smith Explains Why He Keeps Watching Batman v Superman

He's a writer, a director, an occasional actor, a host, a podcaster, and most of all: he's just an outspoken geek. Kevin Smith is all those things, and when it comes to comic books and geek culture, he's also largely considered an expert, if only due to his deep personal love for, and knowledge of, that material. Celebrating his birthday (well, the night before it) in New York at the Suicide Squad premiere, Smith talked a bit about the last DC Films movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which after changing his review a bit due to multiple viewings, now he finds he just can't stop watching.

"I've now watched that movie like eight more times since it came out on home video," Smith told during a red carpet interview. "I keep watching it over and over again - the longer [Ultimate Cut] one. That makes it better; I just keep watching it over and over again and my wife is like, 'why do you keep watching this?' I'm just like, 'I'm gonna love it one day! The more I watch it, I'm absolutely going to fall in love with it.'"

Smith's take is that of many fans, who want nothing more than a good, entertaining DC Films universe the same way fans and critics have overwhelmingly enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was very optimistic going into Suicide Squad, saying that from "every piece of footage" they've put out through trailers and TV spots, it's "stunning and stellar," and praised David Ayer's work on Fury and End of Watch, a "filmmaker's film."


Smith has his own movie, Yoga Hosers, starring his daughter (whose name, appropriately for where we talked, is Harley Quinn Smith), hitting theaters September 2, 2016.