Krypton's Blake Ritson Says More Big-Name DC Characters Are Coming

Lobo will not be the last big-name DC character to make his way back to the world of SYFY's Krypton, according to the actor who plays Brainiac. During an interview with, Blake Ritson teased more "big names" from the DCU could be coming sooner than later. The series, which takes place 200 years in the past and centers on the exploits of Superman's grandfather, has already brought in Brainiac, Doomsday, Adam Strange, and General Zod in addition to Lobo, who will be added in the forthcoming second season. When it was first announced at Comic Con International in San Diego two years ago, though, there were actually more names on the docket.

Before season one began, producers had said that Adam Strange was not going to be the only modern-day hero to travel back to old Krypton. Rather, Hawkwoman was supposed to play a role as well. The character vanished without mention by the time the official season synopsis was released, and after the season wrapped up, showrunner Cameron Welsh said that they felt there was just too much going on in the first season, and did not want to give Hawkwoman a short shrift. Of course, it sounds like the show might have to get a third season to actually see whoever shows up, since Ritson told us that they are simply "teased" in season 2's back half.

Besides joking (we assume) that he wants to bring back Brainiac's pet from the comics, Koko the space monkey, Ritson teased, “I can’t say who, but there are some other big names from the DC Universe which are teased at the end of this season, so there are some big characters arriving and it will be quite thrilling to interact with them when they arrive.”

Whether it would be Hawkwoman or somebody else who would show up is anybody's guess at this point; without having seen any of the second season yet, fans can't even make educated guesses about where the story might wind up. Last summer, I heard rumblings about another of DC's cosmic characters joining the series, although those plans seem to have come and gone. No matter who it is, Ritson is ready to see how Brainiac interacts with more recognizable DC characters.


“We’re in a show with a very strong, iconic, mythical universe. I think everything we do that fleshes that out and expands on that is exciting territory,” Ritson told “One of the great, exciting things is that we’ve now established that we’re in a divergent timeline. I think in the beginning there was this worry that if this is a doomed civilization, how long can the show exist? It’s slightly depressing. But now we’ve shown that this is a completely different, parallel life. Planet Earth doesn’t exist; Superman hasn’t been born. No one is safe, anything can happen. We really don’t know what other superheroes or super villains are going to arrive at any moment into this parallel, divergent existence. We are now in our own universe, extrapolating from the known DC lore into unknown territory; it’s a bit of a clean slate and I think that’s pretty thrilling. I think the showrunner and the writers have really embraced that and come up with some really fantastic new material.”

Krypton's second season will premiere on Wednesday, June 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY.