'Legends of Tomorrow' Producer Explains How They Decide to Bring in DC Characters

Over the years, Legends of Tomorrow has treated viewers to a pretty wide away of DC Comics cameos, [...]

Over the years, Legends of Tomorrow has treated viewers to a pretty wide away of DC Comics cameos, Easter eggs, and references. And according to one of the show's executive producers, there's a science to how that comes about.

During a recent panel at ACE Comic Con Phoenix, Marc Guggenheim was asked how specific characters and storylines are brought into the show. And according to Guggenheim, while the show has a list of characters they'd like to introduce in some way, it ultimately comes down to whether or not the story is served.

"It's a delicate balance." Guggenheim revealed. "There's always a wish list of characters, a bucket list of characters, but at the same time, we always try very hard to avoid the temptation to just wedge in characters. It really comes down to 'What's the story we're telling this week?' And if there's an opportunity to tell that story with a character from the DC universe, or just a nod, or an Easter egg, we try to take the opportunity."

"We're always about keeping our eyes open for the opportunity, but not letting the opportunity drive the story." Guggenheim continued. "Not just going down a list of characters and saying 'Well this week, we're going to have this character!'"

Guggenheim then cited a very specific - and highly-anticipated example - Legends' introduction of John Constantine (Matt Ryan), in the upcoming episode "Daddy Darhkest". While Constantine appearing on the show has been highly-anticipated for quite some time, Guggenheim argued that the timing needed to be just right.

"One thing we wanted to do on Legends was bring on John Constantine, as an example." Guggenheim added. "But it wasn't just a matter of 'Well, let's get Matt Ryan and we'll just do it.' You have to have the right story. Because if you don't have the right story, it's gonna feel flat, it's gonna feel like you're just paying a bill or checking a box."

Legends of Tomorrow will return on Monday, February 12th at 8/7c on The CW.