Legends of Tomorrow's Phil Klemmer on the Kinds of Encores The Show Can't Do

Over the first four seasons of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the most entertaining heroes of The CW's Arrowverse have taken on a lot of interesting villains and ended up in some very unique situations in their efforts to protect the timeline -- a stuffed Beebo doll becoming a Norse god, anyone? However, in the current, fifth season, the team is taking on what might be the most challenging and truly terrifying bad guys of all: some of history's worst figures, released from Hell by Astra Logue. So far, that's seen the Legends take on Rasputin, Bugsy Siegel, and a prom night serial killer while next week's episode will see them take on Marie Antoinette with more of the so-called Encores to come as the season progresses. But when it comes to what dark historical figures the show could use, according to showrunner Phil Klemmer there were those that just weren't right.

Speaking with reporters at a recent event, Klemmer explained that there was a fine balance to what the show wanted to do with the Encores, which meant that some were simply too awful while others were just considered to be "too soon" or too real.

"I mean a lot of my dream ones were just considered like too soon," Klemmer said. "It's hard, because with an Encore you want them to be awful, but then you want to have fun with them. So for instance, like Hitler is awful, not fun. The one we didn't do this year was whoever invented the emoji, or first person to say LOL, or something. We wanted it to be a social media kind of, a tween, or grown up tween now who did that. But then it was sad because that person had to die and they're probably texting and driving. It got a little too real. But anyway, I was excited about the person who invented emojis being in Shakespeare times. We got to Shakespeare times, but not with that Encore."

While there are Encores that the show can't really use, that hasn't stopped Astra Logue actress Olivia Swann from considering who she would like to see dealt with in Hell -- though it doesn't sound like it'd be a soul that she'd release. Swann joked that she would like to see the person who invented high heels get his time with Astra in her capacity as ruler of Hell.

"I mean we might have to do the guy who invented heels or something like that," Swann said. "The amount that Astra wears anyway is painful. But you could kill him in a stiletto or something like that. Isn't that like a knife too?"


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DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on The CW.