Legends Of Tomorrow EP Says It Would Be A Crime For Constantine To Not Appear On The Show


While Greg Berlanti danced around the future use of Matt Ryan as John Constantine on Arrow, executive producer Phil Klemmer sounds like he's dedicated to bringing the snarky magician to Legends of Tomorrow... just probably not this year.

This year's second season of Legends of Tomorrow, it was revealed yesterday, currently only has a 13-episode run, though The CW is leaving open the idea of buying a back-9 order to finish out the season. The show is introducing two super-teams this season, with a team of heroes, the WWII-era Justice Society of America, and a team of villains, the Legion of Doom made up of villains from their other shows (including magic user Damien Darhk).

"If the show goes as many seasons as I hope it does, it would be a crime for [Constantine] not to appear in our universe," Klemmer told Zap2It.

It's a definitive, yet cautious statement; expertly done, Mr. Klemmer. Basically, he's saying that he definitely wants to use Constantine, but in some indeterminate future in an indeterminate season. That could mean if they get nine extra episodes to hit that 22-episode order like the other CW/DC shows, it could mean if they get a third season, it could mean in two or three years.

Nonetheless, the storytelling possibilities of putting someone like Constantine, fueled by magic and the arcane, into a time-traveling spaceship with tech-heroes and some superpowers are obvious. Sure, there might be a temptation to use magic as a deus ex machina to get them out of jams on a regular basis, but seeing the disparate power sources interact - and seeing Constantine hopping through time - would be a thrill for fans.

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