The CW President Teases a Zari-Centric Episode of 'Legends of Tomorrow'

It might still be a little while until Legends of Tomorrow is back on the air, but one upcoming [...]

It might still be a little while until Legends of Tomorrow is back on the air, but one upcoming episode will put Zari Tomaz (Tala Ashe) in the spotlight.

During a recent interview with Black Girl Nerds, The CW president Mark Pedowitz teased one of Legends' upcoming installments, which will almost entirely focus on Zari.

"She literally has an episode that she just basically carries by herself," Pedowitz revealed, "which was fantastic and funny."

This Legends episode was teased by the show's creative team a few months back, when Zari was first introduced to the series. The episode, which apparently draws inspiration from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect", will see Zari dealing with some sort of time loop.

"We blow through our production money and then some every year with our crossover," executive producer Phil Klemmer joked back in October. "So [we have] the infamous 'bottle show' which always turns out to be great, but it's also driven by 'How could we do it all on our standing sets for as cheaply as possible?'"

"It's our Groundhog Day episode, and Tala's at the center of it," added executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

"I was warned by the writers' room. 'You're going to be in every single scene,'" Ashe added.

"...And every single scene, you're going to have to do eight different ways!" Klemmer pointed out.

At the moment, it's unknown exactly where this episode falls in Legends' third season, and when fans can expect the episode to air, but it certainly adds just another unique conflict for the series' ragtag group of time travelers. The show's midseason premiere will see the team joining forces with DCTV fan-favorite John Constantine (Matt Ryan), and another episode could see the Legends crossing paths with iconic computer programmer Grace Hopper.

And of course, the team still has quite a few ongoing threats on their plate, including the ever-ambiguous foe Mallus, the Secret Society-esque group of villains, and the (potentially tricky) existence of the Time Bureau.

Legends of Tomorrow's midseason premiere will air Monday, February 12th at 8/7c on The CW.