'Lucifer' Episode 409 Has the Best Title Ever

When Fox cancelled Lucifer at the end of its third season earlier this year, fans didn't stand for it. Instead, they launched a huge campaign to save the show and their efforts won. Netflix picked up the series and now those devoted fans are getting a pretty great shout out.

Showrunner Joe Henderson took to Twitter today to make good on a promise that, if fans showed off their voting stickers today, they would release the title for episode 409. Check it out below.

"You #Lucifans never disappoint - love seeing all the voting stickers!" Henderson wrote. "Here, as promised, is the cover to 409! Our shoutout to you, the fans, and your incredible campaign to bring the show back :)".

As you can see in the Henderson's photo, the episode's title is "Save Lucifer". While the title will certainly have some sort of relevance in terms of the show's storyline this season, it's also a direct reference to the "#SaveLucifer" campaign fans formed that, ultimately, had a huge role in bringing the show back.

While Lucifer was constantly on the bubble at Fox due to middling U.S. ratings, the show has been a major hit internationally. Fans vocally pointed that fact out in their efforts to find the DC Comics adaptation a new home. While things came right up to the wire -- the "drop dead" date for the show contractually was June 16th which just so happened to be the day that Netflix announced they were picking up the beloved series -- fan efforts were a huge part of the show's salvation. Series star Tom Ellis acknowledged as such in an appearance at MCM Comic Con earlier this year.

"When I said I was going to do a Q and A today I said specifically yes, but I will categorically tell you at the start of the Q and A I can't answer any questions about whether the show will be saved or not," Ellis said. "But what I will say is that when I found out about the cancellation of the show I was gutted actually and when the news came out about the cancellation of the show I became instantly not gutted from the reaction of people and the hashtag 'save Lucifer' has literally picked me up off the floor and the rest of my cast and we're all determined to save the show. Conversations have started happening as a result of the noise that you guys have been making so all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you."

Now, Episode 409's title says thank you, too.


The fourth season of Lucifer is currently in production with an eye toward a likely late 2019 release date.

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