Margot Robbie Says Harley Quinn & Joker Film Will End In Flames

The love affair of Harley Quinn and the Joker isn’t know for being docile. So, when DC Films brings the pair together in their own standalone, Margot Robbie believes it can only end in fire.

Earlier this week, the Harley Quinn actress sat down with BANG Showbiz to discuss her Batman character. Robbie was asked how she felt about the DCEU’s plans for a Harley Quinn & Joker film, and the Aussie actress had only good things to say.

"Their love story has to end in flames! It has to, it just wouldn't be right,’ Robbie said.

In the past, the actress has said she foresees the adaptation being a twisted, romantic one. Robbie told Coming Soon earlier this month that she’s a sucker for a love story, but the one Harley Quinn has with the Joker may be an unhealthy one.

“I’m personally a sucker for a love story. In any iteration. I think people enjoy seeing two characters who, in Harley and Joker’s case, would die for one another,” Robbie explained. “It’s kind of romantic in a messed up way.”

So far, there are very few details out about the DCEU film, but reports have suggested the Harley Quinn film will have some lovey-dovey moments. Previous rumors have suggested the movie will be like When Harry Met Sally on benzedrine, and The Hollywood Reporter described it as a “criminal love story.”


Robbie is set to reprise her role as Harley Quinn in the film, and Jared Leto will join her as the Joker. The latter star recently spoke up about his future with the Joker, and Leto seemed excited to team back up with Robbie to tackle Gotham’s most problematic couple to date.

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