Mark Hamill Recorded A Message For Jim Lee's Voicemail As The Joker

Imagine calling a close friend, or even a that special someone of yours, only to hear The [...]

the joker
(Photo: Warner Bros. )

Imagine calling a close friend, or even a that special someone of yours, only to hear The Joker's high-pitched laughter. Well, for those close to Jim Lee, that's exactly what they'll be hearing as the comic artist had Mark Hamill record him a personalized voicemail greeting.

Jim uploaded the whacky message to Instagram by taking a video which included the actor's sound bite. He posted the video alongside a short message which reads, "Man, that Joker is a real pisser. Thank you to el maestro @hamillhimself #humbled #tiedupoveravatofacidalways #dontcallmeillcallyou #judgenot."

If you want to read a full transcript of what Hamill's Joker left on Jim's phone, you can read the villain's words below:

"So, you wanted to speak with Jim Lee? [laughter] He can't come to the phone right now, and the reason is multiple choice. Is it A, his nine children? Is it B, his notorious struggle with deadlines? Or C, I've got him bound and gagged, dangling over a vat of acid? [laughter] You be the judge."

Of course, Hamill is well-known for having voiced the Joker for many years now through various animated endeavors. And it's also no secret that Jim Lee is a fan of Hamill's work. I mean, if anything, the artist's newly uploaded video is pretty decent tell.

Honestly, when Jim first entered the industry back in 1987, he surely wouldn't have guessed The Joker would be leaving him with a voicemail greeting. Jim kicked off his career over at Marvel Comics, working on titles like Alpha Fight and The Uncanny X-Men. And, in 1992, Jim and several other artists banded together to create Image Comics. Jim also went to work on several DC Comics titles like Batman: Hush and Superman: For Tomorrow before he was announced as the new Co-Publisher of DC Comics.

And, now, he has a very precious gift from a very unhinged super-villain. Let's just hope his friends and family were all forewarned of Jim's new voicemail before they call him late one night!