Michael Keaton Reveals Who Else He Thought Was a Great Batman

Over the years, many men have played the iconic DC hero, Batman. Next year, fans will be seeing Robert Pattinson step into the role in Matt Reeves' The Batman, but he won't be the only person to don the cowl in 2022. Both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are returning to play their versions of Batman in Andy Muschietti's The Flash. During a recent visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Keaton revealed that he still fits into his Batsuit over 30 years later. While chatting, Keaton also revealed his surprising choice for another Batman he thinks is "great." 

"I'll tell you a great version, and that is, if you haven't seen it or heard it, Will Arnett's LEGO Batman is really funny," Keaton shared. You can check out the interview below:

During a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Keaton spoke about joining the DCEU.

"I had to read it more than three times to go, 'Wait, how does this work?" Keaton said of the multiverse storyline in The Flash. "They had to explain that to me several times. By the way, I'm not being arrogant, I hope, about this. I don't say it like, 'I'm too groovy.' I'm stupid. There's a lot of things I don't know about. And so, I don't know, I just kind of figured it out, but this was different. What's really interesting is how much more I got [Batman] when I went back and did him. I get this on a whole other level now. I totally respect it. I respect what people are trying to make. I never looked at it like, 'Oh, this is just a silly thing.' It was not a silly thing when I did Batman. But it has become a giant thing, culturally. It's iconic. So I have even more respect for it because what do I know? This is a big deal in the world to people. You've got to honor that and be respectful of that. Even I go, 'Jesus, this is huge.'"

The Flash is set to star Ezra Miller in the titular role. In addition to Keaton, and Affleck, the movie will also see Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons reprising her role as Iris West from Zack Snyder's Justice League, and Maribel Verdú and Ron Livingston as Nora and Henry Allen.


"This movie is a bit of a hinge in the sense that it presents a story that implies a unified universe where all the cinematic iterations that we've seen before are valid," Muschietti previously told Vanity Fair. "It's inclusive in the sense that it is saying all that you've seen exists, and everything that you will see exists, in the same unified multiverse."

The Flash is currently set for release on November 4, 2022.