Ava DuVernay Confirms Darkseid and the Furies for DC's New Gods

While Marvel is getting some big attention for its upcoming movie The Eternals, DC is quietly [...]

While Marvel is getting some big attention for its upcoming movie The Eternals, DC is quietly working on its own cinematic story about a race of god-like beings of the cosmos with Ava DuVernay's New Gods. Both properties were spawned by comic book legend Jack Kirby - but in the case of New Gods, the story also introduces some of the biggest and well-known figures in the entire DC Universe.

Well, thanks to a Q&A between DC fans and Ava DuVernay herself, we can now confirm that two major names from the New Gods mythos will be in the film: Darkseid and The Furies!

Darkseid is a massively important confirmation, as the villain is (literally) DC's version of Thanos. Zack Snyder's DC Extended Universe saga went to great lengths to position Darkseid as the main antagonist of Snyder's proposed three-part story for Justice League, which would've centered around Darkseid's invasion of Earth, and the Justice League's fight on the fronts of both Earth and the hellish planet Apokolips, in order to stop him. Fans have only been getting more hyped about the possibility of a live-action Darkseid, since Snyder has been releasing images of the young Darkseid that would've showed up in Justice League's epic flashback sequence. Much of the New Gods mythos centers around the two warring factions of New Genesis and Apokolips creating a tenuous peace through a crucial trade: Darkseid gives his second son, Orion, to High Father of New Genesis, while High Father's son Scott Free was given to Apokolips. Each son was a "hostage" of the opposing leader, creating a cease fire between the New Gods that would last... for a time.

Meanwhile, The Furies (or "Female Furies") are a squad of elite female warriors that are fanatically loyal to Darkseid. The Furies are trained by Granny Goodness, a low-born warrior whose brutality made her rise to the top of Darkseid's ranks. She was assigned to run Darkseid's training facility for Apokolips' elite warriors, "Terror Orphanages" across the universe where Granny used brainwashing and torture to mold people (especially kids) into the soldiers Darkseid wanted.

The big convergence here is that Scott Free is raised in one of Granny's orphanages, which leads to him meeting and falling for Big Barda, one of Granny's greatest students, and a pivotal figure in the New Gods story.

New Gods has no release date yet.