'Nightwing' Not A Top Priority For DC Films

While it might seem like progress has been steady on the upcoming Nightwing movie, we've yet to [...]

While it might seem like progress has been steady on the upcoming Nightwing movie, we've yet to see any official news about it being on DC's slate for new releases. But we're probably going to be waiting a long time before the movie hits theaters.

After reports revealed director Chris McKay was being courted by Paramount Pictures to helm 2021's Dungeons & Dragons, the writing was on the wall that if Nightwing wasn't shelved altogether then it was at the least delayed for the foreseeable future.

The report from the Tracking Board seems to confirm this, in which they state Nightwing is "less of a priority" for Warner Bros. in compared to other films.

Aquaman is the only film on the docket for 2018, but Shazam! and Wonder Woman II are already on the calendar next year. Suicide Squad 2 is also a priority, while the Joker Origin movie is heavily rumored to go into production later this year. The Flashpoint movie might also be picking up steam, with directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein hired to helm the troubled film.

And there are other Bat Family films that will likely be made before McKay gets around to Nightwing, including Matt Reeves' The Batman and Joss Whedon's Batgirl.

So while Warner Bros. moved quick to bring on McKay after his successful animated film The LEGO Batman Movie, the movie might not be put into production until after Dungeons & Dragons premieres in theaters. Which means we might not see the Dick Grayson solo movie at least until 2023, if then.

It's strange for Warner Bros. to greenlight a movie so early without any real plan or timeline for when they want it to hit theaters, and with McKay's project in a holding pattern he needs something else to do. Given the amount of money Paramount has spent on their Transformers movies and the studios' want for another franchise, this could be an intense project that dominates his time.

So while McKay made teases to fans about their wants for an actor in the title role, and details about what's important for a film focusing on the former Boy Wonder, we might have to pause those expectations for the time being.

Dungeons & Dragons is scheduled to premiere in theaters on October 1st, 2021.