'Wonder Woman' Director Patty Jenkins Named A TIME Person Of The Year 2017 Runner-Up

After weeks of anticipation from fans, Patty Jenkins has officially made TIME Magazine's Person of the Year list.

The Wonder Woman director earned the #7 spot on the list, after previously being nominated for the accolade, and making the shortlist, earlier this week. According to the magazine's profile, Jenkins was chosen in part because her touch on the DC Extended Universe film sent audiences the right message in 2017.

"So often superhero victories are obvious." Jenkins explained in the feature. "There's a bad guy. He's going to kill people. O.K., fine... It was much more symbolic of 'I say no to what you all are doing, how you all are living your life. I still love you. I'm still engaged with you. I still understand it's complicated. But I say no to this. To shooting people from afar who you cannot see, I say no.'"

As fans have seen in the months since Wonder Woman's release, the film had a pretty profound cultural impact. The TIME profile argues that there's a parallel between the release of Jenkins' film and the #MeToo movement (a version of which was awarded the top Person of the Year title). As Jenkins put it, she's seen the effects of this movement first-hand, both in her experiences and in the scandal surrounding former Warner Bros. producer Brett Ratner.

"This is a shuddering that is shaking us all very hard and definitely has a lot of worrisome potential." Jenkins said. "But I think it's necessary that it be so extreme in order to come up with real change."

As DC Comics fans know, Jenkins set to return to the franchise with Wonder Woman 2 - and make film history in the process.

"I am actually just making movies about people," the director says. "Luckily, the field is wide open with female characters, because there have been so few."


Wonder Woman is now available on Blu-Ray/DVD and digital. Wonder Woman 2 is set to be released on November 1st, 2019.